Sarawak business tycoon denies infidelities


The Shariah High Court today heard the former Sarawak chief minister’s son alleged infidelities when he was still married to his wife Shahnaz Majid, who is now seeking an RM100 million in mutaah as divorce settlement.

Datuk Seri Mahmud Abu Bekir Abdul Taib denied that he had affairs with several women from all over the world during a cross-examine by Shahnaz’s lawyer, Akbardin Abdul Kader, reported the Malaysian Insider.

Mahmud Abu Bekir also denied fooling around with other women, when asked why he kept going away from his family for extended periods of time during their marriage.

He, however, said about meeting an Australian women while she was attending a religious course in Singapore in 1999.

Shahnaz also claimed that Mahmud Abu Bekir was violent towards her and she had complained to his sibling and his father about it, who told her to be patient.

She testified that she continued enduring Mahmud Abu Bekir’s ways in hopes that he might change.

Mahmud Abu Bekir, however, told the court today that he had not heard anything from his father or sibling on the issue.

The defendant agreed, however, that his testimony in court during examination-in-chief that his ex-wife was suspicious and jealous in nature, and that she had been constantly tracking his movements, were not in his statement of defence, the portal reported.

The hearing before judge Muhamad Abdul Karim Wahab was postponed to January 21.

Mahmud Abu Bekir and Shahnaz were married in January 1992. He filed for divorce on May 11, 2011. They have a 20-year-old son.

–Astro Awani


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