Not my intention to hurt Shahnaz, says Taib Mahmud’s son in divorce trial


Businessman Datuk Seri Mahmud Abu Bekir Abdul Taib told the Shariah Court that he did not know if his ex-wife Shahnaz Majid remained single since their divorce in May 2011.

He disagreed with her lawyer, Akbardin Abdul Kader, that she lost a golden opportunity to have more children as they had lived apart for almost 10 years before their divorce.

Mahmud also said during cross-examination by Akbardin that it was not his intention to hurt Shahnaz and their son by bringing his second wife to his sister’s wedding in 2000.

Mahmud, the son of Sarawak governor Tun Abdul Taib Mahmud, was testifying in the suit brought against him by Shahnaz for RM100 million in conciliatory payment.

He said he told Shahnaz that if she wanted to remarry, he would consent to divorce.

“Ten years ago I told her this, but she did not want a divorce,” he added.

Mahmud denied seeing Shahnaz’s mother, sister and other close relatives at his sister Datuk Hanifa Hajar Taib’s wedding in August 2000, at which he was accompanied by his second wife Louise Aida Hiley.

He also denied any knowledge that Shahnaz’s mother had returned to Kuala Lumpur that time as she was humiliated by her son-in-law’s action of bringing another woman to the wedding.

Mahmud said at the time of his sister’s wedding, he was already married to Hiley.

Akbardin: Whether you married her or not, the move to bring her to the ceremony, where many friends and relatives gathered had caused shame to the plaintiff.

Mahmud: Are you saying I could not bring my wife to my sister’s wedding?

Akbardin: You crushed the plaintiff’s heart by bringing the woman to the wedding, when she did not even know who the woman was.

Mahmud: Not my intention to hurt her, I did not know my sister invited her.

He also denied that Shahnaz had a big role to play at his sister’s wedding, saying if she was involved, he would have met her before the ceremony.

“If she was involved in the wedding, I would have met her before the ceremony as I was also involved. But she suddenly turned up,” Mahmud told the court.

Akbardin said Mahmud lied during the examination-in-chief when he said Shahnaz caused a scene at the lobby of the Hilton Kuching hotel once when she saw him with two women.

The lawyer said Shahnaz (pic, right) was willing to swear in court that the incident never happened, and it was Mahmud’s second wife who had created a scene that day.

Mahmud disagreed with both suggestions.

He also disagreed that he lied when he said Shahnaz would scold him in front of his friends.

Akbardin: She said that if this were true, you would have beaten her up when you got home?

Mahmud: Disagree.

Shahnaz and Mahmud were married in January 1992 and have a 20-year-old son, Raden Murya. Mahmud filed for divorce in May 2011.

Hearing continues on April 27. – February 18, 2015.
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