Adenan the right choice, says Taib.

Sarawak Governor Tun Abdul Taib Mahmud impressed by the fact that no one has challenged or tried to unseat his successor Tan Sri Adenan Satem since he gave up the Chief Minister’s post a year ago.


“This shows that the state’s back-bone party – Parti Pesaka Bumiptra Bersatu (PBB) – has achieved a successful formula for smooth leadership transition based on consensus and agreement among its top learders,” he said.

Taib stepped down as Chief Minister after 33 years to make way for Adenan, who was chosen by PBB to take over the state as well as the PBB presidency without contest.

“Since the new chief minister took over, there has been no untoward incident in terms of the leadership transition, and governance of the state has been smooth,” Taib said at a Chinese New Year gathering here organised by various Chinese associations.

“Politically, the situation was conducive and this allowed for continuous progress of the whole state.

“We, in Sarawak, have managed to achieve a good formula for political, social and economic development and we must continue with this successful way of developing Sarawak. This is our strength,” he said.

Taib added that political stability was a key asset that provided Sarawak with the foundation to continue governing the multiracial, multiethnic and multireligious state of three million people.

Pointing to Miri as an excellent example, where harmony prevails on a daily basis, Taib said he was always glad to step into that city.

“I look forward to coming to Miri, with people from all walks of life and race coming together, will continue to progress in the right direction,” said Taib, urging the people to continue celebrating each other’s festivities with goodwill and harmony.



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