My divorce case a global conspiracy: Taib’s son

Mahmud Abu Bekir Taib, son of Sarawak Governor Abdul Taib Mahmud, has threatened legal action over media reports on assets and wealth attributed to him or his father which he claims are untrue.

Testifying at the Kuala Lumpur Syariah Court today during hearing of his former wife’s Shahnaz A Majid (left) RM100 million‎ ‘mutaah’ (gift following divorce), Mahmud also claimed that the case was part of the global conspiracy against him and his father.

“I will take action but not in this (syariah) court but in other courts,” he said.

Mahmud however did not name the person or the organisation he intended to sue.

Earlier, he was asked by Shahnaz’s lawyer ‎Rafie Mohd Shafie whether he was lying when claiming that reports on his and his family’s wealth  and the action taken by Shahnaz was part of the global conspiracy against him and Taib.

Mahmud also denied that he was the cause of the political conspiracy for not agreeing to such payment.

Father not the richest

He disagreed with Rafie who asked whether his father is the richest man in Malaysia or even the world.

Previously, it was reported that Shahnaz had claimed her former husband’s assets are worth in excess of RM1.3 billion following an audit done by a consultant she hired.

Shahnaz and Mahmud (right wearing songkok) were married in 1992 and divorced in 2012. They have a son.

Besides the ‘mutaah’ claim, Shahnaz is also claiming another RM300 million matrimonial settlement following divorce and another RM121 million for child maintenance.

During their marriage, they set-up Sarawak Securities Sdn Bhd, a brokerage firm and other companies.

Mahmud admitted he has hired a public relations company for this case and named the company as GRA Communications Sdn Bhd.

His lawyers Saadiah Din and Zainul Rijal Abu Bakar objected to questions posed on the PR company, citing the relevance of this to the ‘mutaah’ claim.

Prepared by PR firm

Following this, Shahnaz’s co-counsel Akbardin Abdul Kader told the court when Mahmud was testifying in his examination-in-chief he was reading from a statement prepared by the PR firm. The court then allowed it.

“The court allowed his testimony from the witness stand based on the prepared statement. It is written below the release which was read by the defendant (Mahmud) that this was prepared by GRA Communications,” Akbardin said.

Rafie further added that Shahnaz’s lawyers had sent several notices to the PR firm following several press releases issued by the company which had nothing to do with the court proceedings.

Following this, Syariah High Court judge Muhamad Abdul Karim Wahab, asked the owner of the public relations firm to introduce himself to court, to which Ghazalie Abdullah who helmed GRA Communications proceeded to do so.

Justice Muhammad ruled he was allowing the question by Rafie.

There was a light moment in the proceeding after the judge’s ruling when Rafie (left) continue to questioned whether there was an agreement signed with the PR firm and when he decided to hire them.

While Mahmud said he could not remember, Ghazalie who was in the public gallery at the back replied it was in June (last year). Rafie objected and asked the court to eject Ghazalie from the public gallery.

The judge cautioned Ghazalie saying the answer should only come from the witness.

On how much GRA Communications being paid, Mahmud said he could not remember but promised to look it up and reveal it at the next proceeding.

Denied lying in court

Mahmud also denied lying on the witness stand when he testified that Shahnaz attacked him, scratched his face and that his wife hired someone to monitor him.

When asserted by Rafie that it was not Shahnaz who scratched his face but a Latvian woman, whom he was seeing and that he was confused as he was seeing many women, Mahmud again denied.

He further denied that he was lying when he said that he paid Shahnaz a huge sum of money and to claims that the ‘fasakh’ (divorce) was completed.

Mahmud named one of his staff, Abdul Rahman Rashid, as the person who had informed him that Shahnaz had asked Rahman to monitor his movement.

The hearing of the mutaah case continues on June 15, Aug 4, 6 and 17.



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