Adenan addresses issues close to Sarawakians’ hearts

In a speech lasting almost three hours, Sarawak Chief Minister Tan Sri Adenan Satem (pic) made a slew of announcements including cheaper electricity, abolishment of bridge toll charges in Sibu and even hit out at underperforming federal agencies.

Winding up the State Legislative Assembly sitting Wednesday, Adenan announced revised commercial and industrial electricity tariffs that would benefit 86,000 businesses.

“We want to make sure Sarawakians can sustain and grow their business so that they can ‘cari makan‘ (earn a living) in their homeland,” he said.

The reduction, effective June 1, is between 8% and 50% for commercial users, and between 4% and 40% for industrial users. The state Government had also reduced household electricity rates at  the start of the year.

Adenan told the Assembly the reduction were possible due to mega dams in Sarawak that were now operational.

He also announced that beginning May 25, the Lanang toll bridge would be toll-free. Significantly, the date was chosen as it was the start of the Gawai Dayak “balik kampung” (returning home) season, he said.

He also said the state would negotiate to reduce or abolish the toll at the Asean bridge which connects Sarawak to Brunei, followed by the toll bridge in Kuching.

Turning his attention to illegal immigrants in Sarawak, the Chief Minister hit out at the Immigration Department and other federal agencies.

He informed the House he had directed the State Secretary to write to Putrajaya to lodge formal complaints regarding alleged inaction and inefficiency.

“I told the federal agencies, you are here to serve Sarawak. We are your client and we are not happy with your service. We will complain to your big boss in KL,” said Adenan.

The Chief Minister, who has been in the position for 14 months, also pledged to work towards increasing the number of Sarawakians working as head of federal departments in the state.


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