Sibu cops arrest trio allegedly linked to ‘public humiliation’ of youths

Police here have arrested three locals who were allegedly involved in the beating of two youths in Kuching – an incident caught on video that has gone viral online.


All three were related – a stepfather, a female and her mother.

Details are scant at the moment, but police said the trio were picked up at around 9pm Monday at Rejang Park.

At least two videos of a “public humiliation”, which occurred at a shopping mall here on Sunday night, had been uploaded online.

The first, a one-minute-13-second clip, was uploaded Monday afternoon, quickly attracting hundreds of shares and comments on social media.

A second video posted on several different Facebook group pages, taped from a different angle, had also attracted similar levels of attention.

Both videos show two young males being intimidated, shouted at, slapped and punched by burly men.

People who appear to be security guards can be seen trying to intervene while alarm sirens can be heard in the background.

Towards the end of the second video, both males are kneeling in front of an unidentified person.



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