Sarawak Report – A one-trick pony

Sarawak Report’s real agenda, which was to make Baru Bian the new Sarawak Chief Minister, surfaced when Clare Rewcastle Brown quarrelled with Anwar Ibrahim. Anwar decided that the head of PKR Sarawak should be a Muslim. Baru Bian was a Christian. Clare called up Anwar and told him that if he removes Baru Bian as the head of PKR Sarawak then Sarawak Report and Radio Free Sarawak were going to close down and they would boycott Pakatan Rakyat.

Blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin has the story here –


Sarawak Report was initially set up with funding from Europe to bring down the Sarawak Chief Minister, Tun Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud. But Taib did not fall. He retired when he was ready to retire and not a minute earlier and he handed power to the person he personally chose and not to someone who Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad decided should take over.

So Sarawak Report failed in its mission.

When Barisan Nasional still won the Sarawak state elections in 2011 — and the state did not fall to Pakatan Rakyat as what they had expected and Baru Bian, Sarawak Report’s ‘horse’, did not become the new Sarawak Chief Minister — they decided to move on to greener pastures.

Sarawak Report’s real agenda, which was to make Baru Bian the new Sarawak Chief Minister, surfaced when Clare Rewcastle Brown quarrelled with Anwar Ibrahim. Anwar decided that the head of PKR Sarawak should be a Muslim. Baru Bian was a Christian. Clare called up Anwar and told him that if he removes Baru Bian as the head of PKR Sarawak then Sarawak Report and Radio Free Sarawak were going to close down and they would boycott Pakatan Rakyat.

Sarawak Report and Radio Free Sarawak did, in fact, close down for three days. And when Baru Bian called Clare and told her that he would remain as the PKR Sarawak head after all, she reactivated the operation. It was already clear back then to Anwar and PKR that Sarawak Report and Radio Free Sarawak are meant merely to make Baru Bian the Sarawak Chief Minister. And that was why they attacked Taib like he was devil himself.

In spite of the massive onslaught and blitzkrieg, Taib did not fall and Barisan Nasional still remained in power. Hence Baru Bian would not make Chief Minister after all. And the only way for PKR to take over Sarawak and for Baru Bian to become Chief Minister was for Barisan Nasional to be brought down at federal level. And that was when Clare decided they should shift the attack and focus on bringing down the Prime Minister, instead of just focusing all the attacks on the Sarawak Chief Minister, which thus far has proven ineffective.

Clare then met up with Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and offered her services to the ANC (Anti-Najib Campaign) — just like how she met Anwar at the Holiday Villa in London to offer her services to bring down Taib so that PKR can rule Sarawak with Baru Bian as Chief Minister. Dr Mahathir agreed and handed this project to the Chinese towkay who is behind Muhyiddin Yassin. Muhyiddin was put in charge of the operation to feed Sarawak Report with all the classified and insider information that Sarawak Report would need to bring down Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak.

And that was how Sarawak Report came into the picture and shifted from attacking the Sarawak Chief Minister to attacking Malaysia’s Prime Minister. As for the rest of the story and what happened thereafter it is already well known and Malaysia Today has, in fact, written about it in great detail.

Sarawak Report claims to be a whistle-blower website. That is supposed to mean it is only interested in the truth and has no hidden agenda. That is not quite true. The original purpose of Sarawak Report was to make Baru Bian the Chief Minister of Sarawak. And its current agenda is to oust Malaysia’s Prime Minister. This has nothing to do with the truth at all because the truth can always be twisted and presented in whatever shape and form to make lies appear true.

Sarawak Report is not a whistle-blower. The ANC will whistle and Sarawak Report would blow. Basically its job is to give the ANC a blowjob whenever they need one. And just like the big bad wolf, Sarawak Report can blow and blow but it can never bring the house down. They failed to bring Taib down. And now they failed to bring Najib down as well. So they are getting very desperate because millions have been spent thus far with no results to show for it.

And that is the reason for Sarawak Report’s latest posting: Najib Negotiates His Exit BUT He Wants Safe Passage AND All The Money! EXCLUSIVE DISCLOSURE!

Actually there is nothing exclusive in that posting and most of it are lies. For example, Sarawak Report says that the donation from the Middle East is not RM2.6 billion after all but RM4 billion. Malaysia Today revealed that a long time ago when the issue first exploded. So that is not new information, as what Sarawak Report is telling us.

The donation from the Middle East was actually US$1 billion. That has already been revealed so no one is trying to hide that fact. But then the ANC kept saying it was US$700 million because they wanted that figure to match a transaction that 1MDB made. If the ANC says the figure is US$1 billion then they cannot explain how come the 1MDB transaction was only US$700 million. Where did the additional US$300 million come from?

So they kept playing up the story of the RM2.6 billion so that it comes to the equivalent of US$700 million. And Najib knew why they were saying it is US$700 million and not US$1 billion. And Najib, being the smart chess player that he is, kept quiet and did not correct them because he knew that sooner or later they would have to change their story and say it was US$1 billion. And when they do that, like how Sarawak Report just did, they would be hard-pressed to explain how the US$1 billion could come from 1MDB when you say that Najib stole US$700 million from 1MDB.

This latest round of exposure is a great win for Najib. So now the allegation is Najib stole US$1 billion — or RM4 billion as Sarawak Report said in its latest posting — and not RM2.6 billion. But then Najib is said to have stolen US$700 million, which is RM2.6 billion and not RM4 billion.

The UMNO warlords have now acquired all the details, Sarawak Report has been reliably informed – and they are naturally furious on all counts. This is a genie that cannot be returned into the bottle. One UMNO insider has told Sarawak Report that all the party bigwigs now know: “He didn’t just take the famous RM2.6 billion, it was RM4 billion and more!” (Sarawak Report)

Actually everyone knew this a long time ago. Only Sarawak Report just found out. And Sarawak Report was not supposed to reveal that because it would spoil the plan. Now the ANC cannot use the US$700 million ‘proof’ that they have been using over the last year if the figure is not US$700 million but US$1 billion.

As Malaysians would say: KANTOI! What a blunder and a setback for the ANC. Sarawak Report just proved that the money did not come from 1MDB after all because the figures no longer match. Game over for the RM2.6 billion allegation!

Sarawak Report also said that Najib is working on his exit strategy and is negotiating an exit plan. Well, they initially said that Najib was going to be out by June 2015. Then July. Then August. Then September. Then October. Then November. And, finally, in December. It is now January 2016 and Najib is still in office.

Well the betting counter is now open. I say that Najib will still be in office come the Sarawak state elections. He will also still be in office come the next general election in 2018 and the Umno party election after that. Anyone want to place a bet that Sarawak Report is wrong and that Malaysia Today is right?

Maybe Clare can put her money where her mouth is and take that bet instead. Yes, why not? Let us just make it a ‘friendly’ bet of £5,000. I bet that Sarawak Report is wrong in that Najib is on the way out.

Finally, on the issue of Kevin Morais: Sarawak Report is trying to suggest that Kevin was the source of the MACC leak, and that was why he was murdered. However, earlier, Sarawak Report had admitted that Rashpal Singh was the source of that leak. Maybe Sarawak Report realised that this was yet another blunder and they are trying to save Rashpal’s ass by fingering Kevin instead. After all Kevin is dead so he cannot defend himself.

Anyway, the truth regarding who murdered Kevin and why he was murdered will be revealed soon enough. And once that happens Sarawak Report’s allegation that Kevin was murdered because he fed Sarawak Report with classified and confidential information would be proven false. And then yet one more myth would be blown to smithereens.


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