Adenan allocates RM1 billion for rural development

Sarawak Chief Minister Adenan Satem has allocated RM1 billion for various rural development projects in the state, Sarawak’s Second Finance Minister, Wong Soon Koh revealed.


According to a Borneo Post Online report, Wong said this showed Adenan’s concern for the welfare and livelihood of the rural people.

He explained that Adenan applied for RM500 million from the Finance Ministry in early 2015, followed by RM500 million more for development projects in rural areas.

Wong said Adenan had big plans for Sarawak, especially for Bumiputeras in the rural areas and called on community leaders, especially longhouse chiefs to explain to the community the government’s various plans.

“The chief minister has been on the ground, meeting with the Bumiputera communities in the hope that the Bumiputeras will rally behind him and give him another five years to work for them,” he was quoted as saying.

Since taking over the reigns as chief minister in 2014, Adenan has said that his focus was to develop the rural areas and close the income disparity between urban and rural areas.


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