Blackout hits Kuching, Sibu, Sri Aman

Power supply went out in at least three divisions in Sarawak this evening. The blackout, which struck at 6.40pm, affected Kuching, Sibu and Sri Aman. In Kuching, the power outage plunged the state capital into darkness.


The bustling Satok commercial area also saw shops left without electricity to conduct business. It is understood that Sarawak Energy Bhd pinpointed the fault to a circuit trip at the 275kv line of the Oya-Selangau station.

The company expects power to be restored in two hours. Meanwhile, operations at the Kuching International Airport (KIA) here are not affected by the power outage problem. Malaysia Airport Holdings Bhd senior manager at KIA, Mohd Nadzim Hashim said all generator sets have been activated to ensure flights operations are not affected.

“The main terminal building experienced power interruptions. “Currently, our generator sets are all running and supplying essential systems. “Our aerodrome lighting is not affected as it is backed up by the generator set,” he told the New Straits Times today. Nadzim said the fuel-driven generators could last for two days.

“The airport have also fuel stocks on standby should the situation worsen.” As of 8pm, power to 50 per cent of Kuching has been restored. SEB corporate communications manager Ahadiah Zamhari said power supply was being restored progressively Sibu slated to get power back within one hour.

“The power supply in most parts of Sibu and Sri Aman have been restored. “We are continuing with our efforts to fully restore power to all affected areas the soonest possible,” she said in a statement.

A massive blackout at the three divisions occurred following circuit trip at the Oya-Selangau 275kV double circuit transmission lines since 6.38pm.

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